The Cineo Difference

With LED lighting for film and TV being continually developed and improved, you can be forgiven for not knowing all the nuances to all types of LED lighting.

As we know, LED lighting offers a number of different benefits including reduction in heat and power consumption, low maintenance and reduced rigging and auxiliary generators, but Remote Phosphor Technology (RPT) from Cineo Lighting offers another difference.

The Cineo Difference.

So what makes the Cineo products different?  The Cineo Remote Phosphor panels on all their products use a custom phosphor formulation which not only produces exceptionally high CRI and TLCI ratings, but has R9 values of 90+, giving exceptional skin tones and saturated colour reproduction. Compared to other LED lights, this result is The Cineo Difference. The chart below shows this difference compared to the typical LED spectrum.










RPT works differently to traditional LED, whereby instead of the blue led lights being ‘painted’ with phosphor to create the white light, transparent panels are coated in the special Cineo Phosphor Formulation. The phosphors on these panels are excited by high-frequency wavelengths blue LEDs, resulting in very stable high-CRI white light. Colour temperature remains consistent throughout the lifetime of the fixture, because the phosphors are not subject to heat degradation, unlike typical white LEDs. Colour consistency fixture to fixture is also guaranteed, because it’s easier to accurately coat the phosphor “recipe” onto a substrate instead of directly onto a diode.

Cineo are in the process of finalising colour-tunable products, which have nearly identical specs as the remote phosphor products, as well as keeping their rugged design, virtually no colour shift, flicker free and completely passive cooling (no fans, no noise).

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Product Range:
Cineo HS2
Cineo Maverick