LiteGear’s LiteTile now available in Europe

This year has seen the launch of LiteGear’s LiteTile at various exhibitions across the globe. The new flexible LED lighting solution has wowed the crowds at every show and has resulted in the LiteTile being available in stock at number of rental houses.

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The LiteTile product line is a blend of LiteMat LED engines in an engineered textile housing. This unique form factor allows a user to install thin, soft, Hybrid light into previously unavailable areas. The LiteTile uses the new CineMitter LED which has 95+ CRI, and an extended CCT range from 2600K to 6000K. Each individual LiteTile (2‘x4‘ or 2‘x8‘) is finished with hook and loop Velcro® and can attach, or “tile” together to form any number of shapes and sizes. LiteTile can easily rig into existing grip or butterfly frames, or as an alternative, they can be used separately to attach to anything like a drop-ceiling or directly to a set wall. The unique shape of LiteTile allows the fixture to fold like a paper map into the size of a LiteMat 1. This unique folding method makes storage and transportation a breeze.

The S2 LiteTile 4 uses the existing LiteDimmer Hybrid Hicap controls and is compatible with all LiteRibbon based connectors, extensions and DMX Dimmers. The LiteTile+ Plus 8 uses the new LiteDimmer Plus 400AC DMX all-in-one power supply and built-in dimmer.











If you are looking to rent the LiteTile in any form, please contact the following rental companies in your area.

United Kingdom: PixiPixel. Tel: +44 (0) 207 739 3626, web:
France: Cine Lumiere Paris. Email:, web:
Holland: Het Licht. Tel: +31 20-6304800, web:
Belgium: Lites. Tel: +32 2 254 88 00, web:
Belgium: Belgium Lux & Co. Tel: +32 3 500 9456, web
Sweden: Kurts Rock n Roll Lights AB. Tel: +46703658795
Sweden: Ljud & Bildmedia AB. Tel: +46854027926, web:

Available to buy from:
Spain: Moncada y Lorenzo. Tel: +34 915 47 97 09, web:
Sweden: MediaTeknik. Tel: +46 8 756 32 30, web:

Alternatively, give our sales office a call to put you in touch with a hiring company. Additionally, if you would like to buy the LiteTile call +44 (0)20 8833 7600 or email us at We have the LiteTile in stock ready to ship.