K5600 Launch One Stop Supply at SATIS

image001Today saw K5600 Lighting launch One Stop Supply – a new company supplying the latest lighting tools with high quality standards to local film and TV professionals. Established in France in 1992, K5600 Lighting Europe has specialised in HMI fixtures, bringing versatility and compactness to the world of lighting with the Joker Bug series.

Dedicated to the business of image making, K5600 has always made a point of bringing innovative products and top-notch service to its customers.

For more information, contact Erwan RIOU + erwan@K5600.eu + tel 01 30 90 56 00 + portable 07 62 19 71 99

Or visit : http://www.k5600.eu/+ONE-STOP-SUPPLY-A-K5600-Lighting-Europe-brand+.html?lang=en