K5600 Alpha 1600 and TruColor in harmony with Geoff Boyle

Geoff Boyle, Cinematographer, recently used the K5600 Alpha 1600 and the TruColor on set of his latest shoot, Gracie’s Story. Geoff tells us how he got on with using just these two lights:

“I’ve just had the chance to use these two lights in anger for the first time, I’ve used them in workshops before but not on a real shoot.

They were my two main lights on the short film I just shot, I had Dedo’s, LitePad’s and a few Kino’s as well.

I have totally fallen in love with the pair of them!!

The Alpha, with the Fresnel removed, gave me the hardest, sharpest shadows I’ve had outside of a brute. Behind the Fresnel it’s a clear glass unit and has a weird small ceramic reflector plate that seems to be touching the bulb.

I used it for some night sequences where mounted on a high roller and wound right up it 3/4 backlit an entire back alley and gave me incredible shadows along the wall as our heroine staggered home. The only other light used was a couple of real sodium street lights. Shot at 1600 on the C500 in RAW mode, it just looks gorgeous.

It was also the main light source during the end night scene being the base light that was bright enough to shoot by but low enough not to make the police car flashing lights look anything other than frighteningly bright, we lit most of a street with it.

A very dramatic lamp.

The Trucolor became our workhorse, day or night we just switched the panels in the front and it matched beautifully. A huge amount of light out from a 450W in. It was big enough for us to be able to fire it through windows and get the look of a bright overcast day.

The real killer for me is that we could run the pair of them off one domestic socket with power to spare.

I also tried the prototype green screen panels for the Trucolor and I have finally found a replacement for 525 nanometer tubes, lower power consumption and much brighter and peaky as hell where you need it to be.”

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