LCA Support Direct Assist Event

Holborn Studios in Central London was the venue for the latest Direct Assist Scheme from Direct Photographic where we were delighted to support the event showing number of lights including a selection from Cineo Lighting, K5600 and LiteGear.

We also brought along DoP, Geoff Boyle who imparted his experience and stories from his varied career lighting stills, commercials and feature films.

Using the Cineo HS with a DoP Choice Snap Bag as his main lighting source, Geoff demonstrated how to use the lights to create different lighting styles. Also used in the demonstration was the LiteMat range from LiteGear, the K5600 Alpha 1600 and 800, Cineo Matchstix and Geoff also showed a piece of LiteRibbon describing how useful it is to light awkward or enclosed areas such as hallway shots where setting up number of cameras is nigh on impossible. Geoff suggested the LiteRibbon can be easily fixed to the frame of a doorway to help light such an area.