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Briese Lighting was founded by Hans Werner Briese, photographer, engineer and entrepreneur from Hamburg. From frustration over the “muddy” Studio light of his time the successful fashion photographer and graduated physics engineer started developing his own reflector. The trick: the light source is on a movable axis in the reflector. The focus reflector was born- a quantum leap for the photography. From now on, studio light was suddenly “crunchy” like sunlight, while individual adjustable.

“HW” had this unique patented and perfected it in his own company. His invention soon became an insider´s tip. Until today, Briese lighting is famous for individual and high quality lighting in the area of film and photo productions. Many well-known photographer like Steven Meisel, Steven Klein, Anton Corbijn, Greg Gorman or Peter Lindbergh work with Briese.

The “masters” latest coup: E-focus the remote controlled focusing unit which allows to control a total of eight reflectors from the camera position- for an ultimate precision and atmospheric lighting.