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K5600 lighting was founded in 1992 to develop and produce versatile HMI lighting systems. Ever since that date, the company has been concentrating on bringing real innovations to the world of HMI lighting. Research, Development and Service are prime concerns within the company based in California and France.
K5600 is a small company with a passion for lighting and images. There are no endless corporate meetings to delay decisions but a dedication to offer good production tools. K5600 Lighting manufactures equipment according to today’s challenges of production : tight budgets, small crews, limited production time… K5600 only makes things easier and quicker. Before K5600 Lighting innovations include bare bulb fixtures, HMI kits, 800W HMI fixtures, 200,400,800W extension cables, Softubes, lights pointing straight down, HMI in a Source 4, 625 mm Fresnel 18K unit weighing less than 60 Kg… K5600 have only produced 8 lights over the past 20 years but have many accessories to cover every lighting need in every situation.